Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Money Trap

Over the last two months I have spent most of my weekends working on a house that I am currently selling. During this time I have, painted almost everything, fixed 3 windows, put in a new vanity, refinished the upstairs bathroom, refinished the hardwood floors in our front room, fixed my wives and my own closet door, re plastered a ceiling that had water damage, fixed the ceiling on our porch, replaced all the gas lines in the house, fixed a broken water line, and repainted and resealed all the windows on our front porch. I still have on my list fixing our oven and replacing the fan belt for our house fan. (Both which recently broke) The silly part about it all is that my house is looking "great". Its to bad that I didn't do all this while I was still planning on living in it.

My tip of the day, don't wait to make those improvements to your house until you are selling it. Make them now so you can enjoy them!


Ethiopianmomma said...

My most favorite part about this blog tonight is that you said you have to fix your "wives" closet. How many wives do you have? Man, I sure hope they are not all as much as a "pistol" as me. Would you mind letting one of those wives know I would appreciate if she did more housework around this place!

pastorwick said...

shhhhh.....stop this silly nonsense talk. a house with undone projects is just as nice. :)