Saturday, April 19, 2008

Work, Family, and Money

So in my life it seems that I am stuck in a constant struggle to accomplish the goal of being a good father and husband. In my head it seems that to be a good father and husband it means that I need to provide for the needs of my family. I want to see my child go to college. I want to raise him in a great house and neighborhood. I want to see what is out there in the world and to take my wife and family on great vacations. I want to provide all the comforts that come with the "American Dream". Yet as I spend my days working hard at a corporate job to climb that ladder of success, I find myself working even harder to get myself back home. When 4p.m. roles around each day I let my mind race at the idea of trying to go home early and still get enough work done that I would not fall behind tomorrow. It just doesn't make sense. I mean I left a job that I only had to work 35 hours a week to a new job that I need to put in 60 hours a week. This new jobs comes with a bigger pay check and more benefits so that I can financially take better care of my family, but at what cost? I mean I spend get to spend 2800 hours a year away from my family working hard to climb that corporate ladder. To accomplish the goal of making a company that I work for lots of money so that my bosses can all give themselves raises and my CEO can get a 8 million dollar bonus this year instead of a 7 million like last year. I keep thinking to myself that in the end after I put in my 40 - 60 years of work, retire, and hopefully make enough to feed my wife and I until we die is it really worth it?

I guess in the end it all comes down to a few simple things.

1. Life is about more than your job (in the end even if you put in 40 years your company will throw you a 2-3 hour party and say thank you for all your hard work, that very next morning you will be replaced and in a few years no one will even remember you worked there).

2. Money is paper that buys you items made out of byproducts of oil.

3. What really matters is who is waiting at home for you at night (if no one is waiting there for you then its time to make some drastic changes)

4. Life is a struggle to work hard to get home early so you don't miss out on your family.


Ethiopianmomma said...

So, here is my suggestion. Since, you do not have a wife that desire the American Dream (freedom yes, riches no) why don't we find a way to buy a little piece of land in someplace really beautiful, grown our own food, and wear flip-flops? If we are going to labor daily then why not labor for something more lasting that corporations? We could labor for the Lord and for others who desperately need people with your great mind and heart to advocate for them.
Let's strive to buy less byproducts of oil as you stated and buy more experiences....or better yet...provide more for others with the earnings of our labor.
What is lasting, what is eternal, is God....and I never read anywhere that he mandated a corporate job in order to keep up with the Jones'.
Keep blogging. I like reading what is really going up in that mind of yours.
~ FF

Mary said...

Precisely the reason why I left Wal-Mart!

pastorwick said...

just don't forget your need for a solid piece of pitney bowes machinery...