Monday, April 21, 2008

Weight Loss and Money

Today started the first day of my diet. Well at least that is what my wife and my employees at my Peoria store told me. I know you are probably thinking that you would never tell your boss to go on a diet. Well they did not really tell me to go on a diet they just told me I was going to be in a contest with the rest of the office. I have 9 employees in the store and they all decided to go on a 8 week diet to see who could lose the most. If you looked at the folks in my office you would quickly come to the realization that it would not be a fair contest if I really put my heart into it. Most of the folks in my office are women, and most have like 10 pounds tops that they could actually lose. I on the other hand have a fair amount of weight that I could shed. So it makes perfect sense that I would want to lose weight. I am traveling to Hawaii to show off my body in 8 weeks, there is $180 as a prize, and I could get back to my old studly self of my college days. I guess I should put some effort into this. I think start by going eat some pretzels and cheese. FYI - The picture has absolutely nothing to do with my blog but it seemed like the right picture to post in this situation.


Ethiopianmomma said...

You can pay me the money you earn to edit your blogs and check your spelling!
You know if you are dieting that I have to diet too....shucks.
Does this mean no more late night "mega-cookies"?

pastorwick said...

race you.

pastorwick said...

gonna go another month before you blog again? c'mon....just hop over here from fantasy baseball, and tell us how you don't fall asleep with all the driving you do these days...:)